2016 US Presidential Elections, State Wise Results

‘The one’ who won the 2016 US presidential elections is none other than business mogul, Donald Trump. He became Mr. President of United States of America, after defeating Hillary Clinton in a fair competition showing his strength in a remarkable way.


Donald Trump: The He-Man

Donald Trump who belongs to Republican party won by conquering the battlefields of states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania a state, which has never supported any Republican since 1988. The renowned businessman not only won the elections but his winning was quite stylish, when he cleared the 270 mark. Hillary was left stranded on 218 votes as she was unable to clear the path of winning the 2016 Presidential elections. The state wise results has been explained in the below picture:

2016 US Presidential elections

2016 US Presidential elections

Wooing the Supporters

Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton blazed the electoral battleground with neck to neck war. Everyone was trying to woo the supporters, with President Barrack Obama asking for a hopeful, inclusive, big hearted America, while Trump vowed to ‘beat the corrupt system’.

The good news for India is that, Five Indian-Americans won from their state which is a record and are set to be part of congress ladder. Senators will be selected in 34 states and Kamala Harris is set to become one of the senators from her state.

Setback for Hillary Clinton supporters

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Clinton supporters were stunned after they came through the shocking victory of Donald Trump. Everyone was keeping their eyes on Hillary as she was the major contender to win the 2016 US presidential elections.

Critics of Trump stunned



Many believe that Trump is bad for the US Economy and especially Muslims are taking it seriously as a major TV channel posted, Donald Trump: The Islamophobia president. People are trying to come out of the shock from the win of Donald Trump.

Untrustworthy Candidates

ABC News and NBC News found in exit polls that, Clinton and Trump are considered as untrustworthy, as both cannot be trusted on the major leadership role, while many find Trump’s temperament unpresidential.

Soon to be Sworn as New President


But, it the Trump, who triumphed the battleground to White House, with his astounding win over Hillary Clinton. Trump will swear as 45th President of United States of America.

Donald Trump Denied 'Accepting Any Salary For Himself' as the President

Donald Trump Denied ‘Accepting Any Salary For Himself’ as the President

The President-Elect and a Billionaire Businessman Donald Trump has taken a positive step ahead after his victory in the US General elections. Donald Trump, the New U.S. president said on Thursday last week (When he was the Presidential Nominee of Republicans) that he does not want the annual salary that comes with the White House job and would turn it down if elected.

An amount of $400,000 is credited to the United States President on yearly basis for performing his duties as the state leader. Many people have appreciated Trump’s remark of accepting any salary for performing his duties.

Trump, who was the front-runner for the Republican nomination in the 2016 race despite having no political experience, was asked at a town hall-style meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire, if, as president, he would roll back generous pension and healthcare benefits given to members of Congress.

“The first thing I’m going to do is tell you that if I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary, OK?” Trump said. “That’s no big deal for me.”

However, Trump doesn’t even need any salary as he is a successful businessman and also owns a great worth to his name.  Donald Trump built his fortune as a developer, real estate mogul and reality television personality, was listed on Thursday at No. 405 on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s billionaires, with a fortune of $4.1 billion.

Shortly after announcing his candidacy in June, Trump said his net worth was more than $10 billion. Although it is no new in US History as earlier Herbert Hoover, who made millions of dollars in mining before becoming president in 1921, and John F. Kennedy, who came from a wealthy family, both donated their presidential salaries to charity.

US Presidential Election Results, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

US Presidential Election Results, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

After several controversies, Donald Trump finally has got the unexpected victory over the US, achieving around 581, 73,271 votes . He showed his potential to the world also his critics and will rule the top most country of the world as a powerful man.

Talking about the voting margins, Trump won the presidency with 276 seats, whereas Hillary was with only 218 seats.

US Presidential Election Results, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Unexpected and shocking Victory of Donald trump

The result was totally unexpected and shocking when the votes had gone to Trump’s favor. After great support of  Hollywood even his Husband, former president of America Bil Clinton and his supporter, Clinton could not clinch a win over the US.

 On the other hand, trump was surrounded by several controversies even all the waves were hindered him.  Even after support of president Barack, Obama could not hypnotize the voters toward Clinton.

US Presidential Election Results, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Trump’s claims of winning the elections have converted into the reality as he maintained the lead from Hillary with a considerable margin. Trump will be the 45th president of United States of America. It will be officially announced in Mid-December after the decision of 538 electorates. The president, in fact, Donald Trump will take the oath on January 20.

Let’s have a look at state-wise voting and whose got least and most votes:

States with a lot of electoral votes to distribute such as Florida and Ohio, which have been targeted a lot by both Clinton and Trump in recent weeks. But all the votes fell into the Trump side.

US Presidential Election Results, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

States like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia helped him to alter the waves in the favor of trump to get significant victory over the US.


Donald Trump Delivered the Victory Speech After His Victory, Check Out the Video

Donald Trump Delivered the Victory Speech After His Victory, Check Out the Video

Republican Candidate Donald Trump claimed victory in the presidential election against all odds, polls, and projections on Tuesday. After his victory been announced, Trump delivered a speech at the Hilton Hotel in New York City on Tuesday to a cheering crowd of supporters.

Although the victory of Donald Trump was an unexpected outcome for the Republican candidate, who beat out not only a stacked GOP primary field but also an even more formidable opponent in Hillary Clinton.

The same Hilary Clinton, who was consistently ahead of him in the polls up and was in a much stronger position on the electoral map. Also, not to mention the fact that Trump has been mired in scandals and gaffes throughout the election.

More than a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault after a hot mic tape revealed him bragging about “grabbing” women by the genitals; he has made vague insinuations connecting President Obama and Clinton to terrorist groups; he led a campaign built on wild inaccuracies and vague to nonexistent policy proposals; and he built his campaign on divisive anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric, garnering even the support of white nationalists.

Despite all this, however, Trump managed to strike a chord with the American people as an unorthodox candidate without a political background, selling a call for a Southern border wall, a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants, and his strong opposition to trade deals, among his other bombastic talking points.

All the worry over Trump’s possible refusal to concede the election is now moot. He is the one who got to accept Clinton’s concession.

Trump started his speech by thanking all his supporters and also he appreciated Hilary Clinton for a hard fought contest.

He said that “Thank you. Thank you very much, everyone. Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business, complicated. Thank you very much.

I’ve just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us. It’s about us. On our victory, and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign.

I mean, she fought very hard. Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.”

Below is the video of victory speech delivered by Donald Trump: (Courtesy: ABC15 Arizona)

2016 US Election Results: Donald Trump Beats Hilary to Become 45th US President

2016 US Election Results: Donald Trump Beats Hilary to Become 45th US President

In the dramatic United States Presidential Elections, Donald Trump was elected as the 45th United States President.  Donald Trump has done this in the stunning culmination of a campaign that defied expectations and conventions at every turn.

Well, this is another big upset of this year after Brexit and Colombia Peace votings. As except few no one has expected that Trump can beat Hilary as she was leading in these elections from the very starting of the campaign.

In a narrowly fought contest to become the successor of Barack Obama, Trump beats Hillary with a considerable margin and breaks the dream of Hilary to become the next United States President.

Clinton’s dream to make history as the first female president was thwarted by the Republican nominee’s breathtaking performance at the polls. He was carried to victory by voters fed up with the political system and mistrustful of Clinton, a former first lady, senator and secretary of state.

Trump, a 70-year-old celebrity businessman who had never before run for office, is poised to become the oldest president ever elected to a first term. Also he created history by becoming the only president who has no experience into handling the public office or any experience in politics.

After running a divisive campaign, Trump sounded a magnanimous note of reconciliation as he claimed victory shortly before 3 a.m. Wednesday. He faced many allegations during his campaign of being a racist, disrespectful to women, having hatred for muslims and tons more.

But despite all these odds, Trump emerged as the ultimate winner and  will join the White House from January next year.

Twitter breaks the record with "Unbridled" 31 Million tweets, more than Previous US election

Twitter breaks the record with “Unbridled” 31 Million tweets, more than Previous US election

US Election: In just a few hours when people were casting their vote for their presidential candidate in the US. There were countless tweets floated on the twitter on Wednesday morning to till noon. And it broke the earlier record set in 2012 Election Day of more than 31 million tweets.

When all the news channels were flashing updates; at the same time, the microblogging site twitter was also playing a major role in getting people updated with a neck-to-neck competition of Trump and Clinton.

By 7.30 a.m (India Time) on Wednesday, over 35 million election-related tweets were posted on this social media platform, USA Today reported. Most of the people were posting their opinions and slamming opposite contenders related to US election.

Twitter breaks the record with "Unbridled" 31 Million tweets, more than earlier US election

Twitter uses  several methods and Facebook focuses on users related US election

Twitter used different methods like video streaming through BuzzFeed to update Twitterati with the latest election update.

“Twitter is still the platform for what’s happening right now, while Facebook focuses on showing users the things they’re most likely to engage with,” Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw Research, said as quoted by IANS.

Twitter breaks the record with "Unbridled" 31 Million tweets, more than earlier US election

Donald’s fan following  on Twitter is more than Clinton

It is worth mentioning here that Donald Trump has 13.1 million followers on Twitter while Hilary Clinton has only 10.4 million.  Kinds of hashtags related to election such as election night and election 2016 were trending on Twitter the whole time.

Donald Trump has 13.1 million followers on Twitter while Hillary Clinton has 10.4 million. Different hashtags related to election such as US election night and election2016 were trending on Twitter the whole time.

Canada's Immigration and Citizenship Website Has Crashed; TRUMPOPHOBIA?

Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship Website Has Crashed; TRUMPOPHOBIA?

As Donald Trump leads the presidential election in the earlier results and leading with a margin and also looking very close to the majority the Americans are looking worried with the results. And In result of that, Canada’s immigration and citizenship website has crashed on Election Night.

On the election day, as election results roll in, showing Donald Trump with a significant advantage over Hillary Clinton, some U.S. citizens have begun to plot a move to Canada. While Americans joke about immigrating to Canada during most election cycles, this year, they appear to be seriously looking into it.

However, there is nothing new into this, as earlier too Google reported that the searches related to “Move to Canada’ have increased significantly during the last week as some polls showed Trump as the Ultimate Winner.  While Americans joke about immigrating to Canada during most election cycles, this year, they appear to be seriously looking into it.

Although the Americans joke about immigrating to Canada during most election cycles, this year. But now,  they appear to be seriously looking into it.

However, currently, Trump is leading with a significant margin of 244 in comparison to 215 to Clintons’.