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2016 US Presidential Elections, State Wise Results

‘The one’ who won the 2016 US presidential elections is none other than business mogul, Donald Trump. He became Mr. President of United States of America, after defeating Hillary Clinton in a fair competition showing his strength in a remarkable way.


Donald Trump: The He-Man

Donald Trump who belongs to Republican party won by conquering the battlefields of states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania a state, which has never supported any Republican since 1988. The renowned businessman not only won the elections but his winning was quite stylish, when he cleared the 270 mark. Hillary was left stranded on 218 votes as she was unable to clear the path of winning the 2016 Presidential elections. The state wise results has been explained in the below picture:

2016 US Presidential elections

2016 US Presidential elections

Wooing the Supporters

Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton blazed the electoral battleground with neck to neck war. Everyone was trying to woo the supporters, with President Barrack Obama asking for a hopeful, inclusive, big hearted America, while Trump vowed to ‘beat the corrupt system’.

The good news for India is that, Five Indian-Americans won from their state which is a record and are set to be part of congress ladder. Senators will be selected in 34 states and Kamala Harris is set to become one of the senators from her state.

Setback for Hillary Clinton supporters

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Clinton supporters were stunned after they came through the shocking victory of Donald Trump. Everyone was keeping their eyes on Hillary as she was the major contender to win the 2016 US presidential elections.

Critics of Trump stunned



Many believe that Trump is bad for the US Economy and especially Muslims are taking it seriously as a major TV channel posted, Donald Trump: The Islamophobia president. People are trying to come out of the shock from the win of Donald Trump.

Untrustworthy Candidates

ABC News and NBC News found in exit polls that, Clinton and Trump are considered as untrustworthy, as both cannot be trusted on the major leadership role, while many find Trump’s temperament unpresidential.

Soon to be Sworn as New President


But, it the Trump, who triumphed the battleground to White House, with his astounding win over Hillary Clinton. Trump will swear as 45th President of United States of America.